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Thursday, November 30, 2006

EPICA Awards - Best Ad

It took Italians to make this one!

Pls click the link below to see the video.

Superb Advertisement- shows popularity and respect to Gandhiji,

A great ad.... Ironically from a non- Indian company!!

And none the less This ad won the EPICA awards for best ad.

Click this link to see our Father of Nation.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

BSNL DataOne Modem Charges slashed down!

BSNL has revised monthly lease charges and sale value of ADSL modems for broadband connections as per following details:

Now, you can purchase the Type-IV modem for Rs.1800/-
Official News Link

These changes are applicable with effect from 01-Dec-2006. All other terms and conditions remain the same.


BSNL has decided to introduce Gaming Service in association with M/s. India Games (I.G.) to BSNL Broadband customers. The Gaming Service will be available under the following two packages - Standard and Premium
Official News Link

Thursday, November 23, 2006

IE 7 Less Vulnerable than Firefox 2?

According to reports, Mozilla Firefox 2 and Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 (IE) are both vulnerable to a bug that steals the login-id and password of users, with the help of a fake log-in page.

The bug has been dubbed as "Reverse Cross Site Request vulnerability" (RCSR) by Robert Chapin, who first discovered the flaw.

For complete article, visit TechTree India

Thanks Rati for the Link

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Orkut meets GTalk

Orkut members will be able to text message and voice chat with other members of the community if they choose to communicate in that way. Google believes the new functions might add a sense of immediacy to member interaction on the social networking site. Now you can find the Orkut Friends online on your GTalk Chat and send the Orkut scraps directly from GTalk.

Google introduces 5 New features to GMail

Recently, Google introduced 5 new features in GMail.

1) Reply on top
No more scrolling to the bottom of a long message to find the “Reply” link. Now there's a Reply button right on top, along with a lot of other options under the little dropdown arrow.

2) Embarassment-reducing new message notifications
Ever replied to a message only to find out that someone sent a better, smarter reply right before you? Now, if someone sends a reply while you're in the middle of reading a conversation (or replying to it), you'll get a notification that a new message has arrived. Click "update conversation" to see what you’ve missed.

3) Forward all
When viewing a conversation, use the new “Forward all” link on the right if you want to forward the entire conversation instead of just one message.

4) Chat even when your friends are offline
Chatting in Gmail just keeps getting better. Now, if you're chatting with a friend who goes offline, your friend will be able to see whatever you were typing the next time he or she goes online.

5) Get Gmail on your mobile phone
It's new and it's fast. To try it for yourself, point your phone to

Source : GMail Official Website

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

DB2 UDB - Truncate Tables

DB2 - Equivalent to SQL Server/Oracle TRUNCATE command

This technote describes how to delete the contents of a table with minimal logging overhead

Use the LOAD or IMPORT command in REPLACE mode, and import an input file with no rows. This will cause the table to be truncated with very little or no logging overhead.

There are two ways to do this in DB2® Universal Database™ (DB2 UDB). A fast way is perform an IMPORT REPLACE with a delimited file that contains no rows, for example:

import from c:\ixf\rep.del of del replace into testvar

IMPORT is usually the best choice, because it does not lock the table space. If the table has many active pages in the bufferpool, LOAD will be faster, as IMPORT will flush the bufferpool. LOAD must be used if the target table has referential integrity dependencies or summary tables defined on it. In DB2 UDB Version 7 and earlier, LOAD requires exclusive access to the table space. If you plan to use LOAD a lot, put each table that gets LOADed (or uses LOAD to be emptied) in its own table space, or use IMPORT REPLACE.

Note that on UNIX® and Linux® platforms, you can also IMPORT or LOAD from /dev/null

Monday, November 06, 2006

MS. DEWEY - A Microsoft Creation - Check this funny Microsoft Live Search. It makes use of Flash, hence takes a very loooooooong time to load. Keep noticing the acting of Ms.Dewey. To enjoy the fun, you need to have your speakers turned on. This is powered by Microsoft Live Search.

It does internet search, but I am really unhappy with its performance. Its really tooooo slow. For serious search, do not forget to click here :-).

By the way, do try these keywords and see her response - "Bill Gates", "Microsoft", "Boxing", "Video", "Channel 9", "Google", "Apple". And if you leave her alone for too long, she demands attention !

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Ash turns 33 - 01/Nov/2006

Happy Birthday to Aishwarya Rai!

Aishwarya Rai (born November 1, 1973) is an Indian actress and former fashion model. She was awarded the Miss World title in 1994. Aishwarya Rai has also acted in Telugu, Bengali, Tamil and English films.

Although frequently the subject of gossip column speculation about an imminent Hollywood career, it was only in 2004 that Rai finally acted in a foreign film, when British director Gurinder Chadha hired her to play the heroine in Bride and Prejudice, a Hollywood-funded but Bollywood-ized version of Jane Austen's classic novel, Pride and Prejudice. The movie came just shy of breaking even at the US box office but earned over 400% return on investment in global revenue.

Aishwarya's latest movie Umrao Jaan releases this Friday. I wish her all the best for a successfull career.

One Mobile Handset with Two SIM Cards

I have seeing my friends/colleagues carrying two Mobile Phones with them - one Office Mobile and 2nd Personal Mobile. There was always a question in my mind of having one mobile with multiple SIM cards.

YES! Finally this is possible now. You will soon be able to use both your business and personal mobile numbers from a single handset. To be launched in 2007, a dual number service will be available on a single SIM card. But both the connections will have to be from one service provider.

The screen of a handset will display the receiver’s number and the caller's as well. Globally, T-Mobile in Germany and Vodafone and Telecom Italia in Italy offer this multi-line service. The UK’s Orange is also expected to launch the ‘dual number, single handset service’ in the next few months. In India, Ireland-based value-added services products company AePona is talking to operators like Bharti, BSNL, Reliance, Hutch and Idea to launch the service in the next 12 months. The service can also work for both pre-paid and post-paid numbers simultaneously.

China-based mobile manufacturing company, Yulong Computer Telecommunication Scientific Co., Limited is planning to launch its dual-mode smart phone in India within a short time. Yulong is a wholly-owned subsidiary of China Wireless Technologies Limited, and the first company to introduce dual-mode smart phone in the world. The handset range comes both with dual mode GSM+GSM and CDMA+GSM. The handset model CoolPAD 728 (CDMA+GSM) is priced at USD 500 and CoolPAD 288 (CDMA+GSM) is USD 240. However, there is also another model CoolPAD 728G2 (GSM+GSM). Both these models have mega pixel cameras and business applications.