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Saturday, April 29, 2006

My close encounter with Windows Vista Beta 2

Finally I got chance to get hold of Windows Vista Beta 2 Build 5308 (64-bit). I installed it on my AMD Computer without any problem. Most of the hardware were automatically detected. The only problem I faced is related to my Compro TV Gold TV Tuner adapter. So no FM and Cable TV on my Vista, untill I get hold of the Vista 64-bit drivers. I need to try the 32-Bit Drivers with 32-Bit Vista. For this purpose, I plan to make use of Virtual PC.

Coming back to the New User Interface Elements, here's below some screenshots that I captured.

1) Notepad - trying to close notepad without saving. Notice the button captions (Save, Don't Save and Cancel). I wonder what will happen to VB program's MsgBox command which does not provide any such captions. A good thought which needs to be experimented.

2) Regular "Save As..." dialog box user interface:

3) Control Panel Icons

4) Windows Explorer - check out the funky disk drive icons.

5) Taskbar tooltip - move your mouse to the application in the taskbar to get this:

6) And finally the Vista Desktop view

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