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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Not exercising - Whats your excuse?

Are you prone to putting off exercise? BT tells you how to get started without those unnecessary delays that hamper progress

Your friends have hit the gym but there's something that's stopping you? If you are busy justifying your excuse by saying — everyone has reasons why they can't start, then there must be enough reason why you need to overcome your excuses and hit the treadmill instead. Understand that it's never too late! Here are some easy tips to overcome those exercise excuses:


Start with breaking your exercise regime into smaller segments. At home, just multitask. You can try and do crunches while watching television. If you have a long day at work then try to adjust your schedule — get up half an hour earlier to walk. Make it a non-negotiable routine and stick to it. Tell your friends not to plan any gettogethers during that hour.


Everyone gets excited about a workout, especially at the beginning. But remember to take it slow and steady. Start with a comfortable amount of activity and add a little more each day.


Don't exercise to the point of exhaustion; you should always be able to carry on a conversation. If a body part aches, make sure you tell your instructor the next day itself. Keep going though. If you've got minor aches, take it easier the next day but don't stop altogether. Gentle movement helps sore muscles recover.


If your month-long regime has not shown any positive results, then perhaps you haven't found the right kind of exercise yet. Focus on adding more lifestyle exercise to your day.


Use your diary to record your thoughts and feelings around exercise—they can help you find a way around your exercise demons. So, what's stopping you? Get going.

Source: Times of India (Bangalore Times Supplement) 19-Jul-2008

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