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Thursday, October 05, 2006

MS to lock up pirate Vista PCs; introduces Software Protection Platform

Microsoft has declared open warfare on software pirates, revealing that it intends to lock users out of PCs that don't validate that their computer has a genuine copy of the new operating system.

Users who install a copy of Vista will be required to validate that the copy is genuine within 30 days by activating it with a genuine product registration key. Until they do so, Microsoft will send them regular warning messages with increasing frequency, counting down the days until their period of grace is up.

If 30 days expires without users validating their copy of Vista with Microsoft, the PCs will lock users out of Vista and only access to their web browser for an hour before logging them off.

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Collectively termed the Microsoft Software Protection Platform, the new technologies will introduce improvements in how Microsoft software activates, is validated online and behaves when tampering or hacking is detected. The upcoming releases of Windows Vista and Windows Server “Longhorn” – code name for the next generation of Microsoft’s server software – will be the first two products to ship with the new technologies included, but eventually more Microsoft products will adopt the technologies.

Customers will be able to easily determine the status of their Windows Vista installations. In the System Properties panel of the Windows Vista Control Panel, Windows Vista will display the genuine status of the installed copy of Windows Vista. From there, and from any screen notifying users of a failed validation, a user will be able to obtain more information on why the copy of Windows is not genuine, as well as resources for getting a genuine copy.

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