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Sunday, August 26, 2007

ICICI Bank - Phishing Mail (BEWARE!!!)

Today, I received a live phishing mail from an anonymous ICICI Bank sender into my Yahoo Mail Box. Here's the summary of its contents:


Subject: Alert!!! Verify Your Internet Banking Account Immediately Otherwise Your Account Get Blocked!!!

The contents of the mail had information on "Security Updates on Online users", along with the phishing URL's seperate for Individual and Corporate Account holders. These URL's are replica of the actual ICICI online website. Below, is the screenshot of the mail.

And here's the website, when I visited using Internet Explorer 6.0:

This issue was well caught by Internet Explorer 7.0 - refer the screenshot of IE7.

IE7 helps in discovering such phishing, I would like to recommend you to upgrade to IE7 immediately.

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