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Friday, September 12, 2008

BMTC Volvo - Rs.1 Ride in Bangalore.

"Luxury ride on Volvo Bus for Rs.1 only", is the newest BMTC offer to Bangalore commuters for 4 days (11-Sep-2008 to 14-Sep-2008). Usually, the fare for a travel between Koramangala Water Tank to Electronics City is Rs.30. It costs BMTC Rs 52 per km to operate Volvo. Minimum ticket is Rs 10 (Refer - BMTC Volvo - Route Details and Fare Chart). On Thursday(11-Sep), 154 Volvos, with a seating capacity of 43 each, plied. BMTC’s chief traffic manager Dastagir Sharief said on the first day, 72,000 tickets were sold. The second day yielded sales of 97,000 tickets. The numbers are expected to be higher on Saturday(13-Sep) and Sunday(14-Sep).

BMTC’s offer of selling Volvo tickets at Rs. 1 (Rupee One only) for the next three days in a bid to encourage more passengers to take to the public transport system was a super hit with the people. BMTC hopes to lure more people into travelling by bus to ease traffic and tempt passengers with a luxury travel experience. But most said once the rates became normal, they will not be able to afford it and would be back to their two-wheelers.

This four-day initiative of the government has clearly created an opportunity for common man to take up public transport. I believe that this will help a great deal in improving traffic conditions of the city.

The Auto-rickshaw customers are reduced and it has This initiative has created problem to the income of Auto-rickshaw drivers, who are more customers.

The BMTC has no plans of extending the offer, which has pinched the organization by over Rs 5 lakh per day. Please note that this offer is not applicable on BMTC Volvo towards Bengaluru International Airport.

Thanks to the BMTC Volvo team to provide such promotional offer, which is one of its first kind in Bangalore.

Source of News/Pictures: Times of India

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