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Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Google releases its new browser - Chrome

The Innovative Company never stops innovations. Google's newest innovation is its new product, which is none other than - Chrome. Chrome is a browser, ready to enter the war of existing war of Internet Explorer and FireFox browsers.

I installed Chrome at home and tried it to browse some sites. So far not found any major innovation in it. However, found few issues - which will may make users go crazy. I will soon be adding the screenshots.

1. Installation Experience:
The setup file is 475KB, but its not the complete executable. Once you run this, it will download the remaining files and install Chrome on your PC. On my 256kbps broadband, it took around 5 minutes to complete the installation. The installation didn't ask the Location of application. I could not find it in C:\Program Files directory. From the shortcut icon, I could locate its correct path under c:\Document and Settings of the logged-in user. Here's the screen shot:

What was more surprising that after couple of site visit, this folder size grew to 61MB.

2. Look & Feel
The browser is having very simple(compact) look, without any toolbars. The tabs are located on the top and its functions are similar to IE7/Firefox. Screen shot:

3. File Downloads
Tried to download a driver file from MSI website. The file download status is shown at bottom left side of browser. There is a arrow icon to open the menu, which I found it dangerous.

As soon as you click the menu, your mouse will be on the "Cancel" option of the menu.

There are more likely chances that you may unknowingly click the Cancel button. I was the victim of this, which made me start the download from beginning.

More reviews will be added later... Also, I plan to deploy IE8 Beta and check its new features too...

Google has hosted a comic book explaining Google Chrome.

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