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Sunday, December 31, 2006

Greetings - Happy New Year 2007

I wish you all a Happy and Prosperous New Year 2007. Below are some of the cute New Year wishes in different styles.

First one is my own greetings - check out the image right to this text.

Next ones are the SMS/Mails, I received from my friends:

1) Maamu, aaj se 2 din baad naya saal aayega! Bapu ne bola hai ki 31st ko network jam hoga! Toh, apun aaj hi vinamrata se wish karela hai! Bole toh... Happy 2007!

2) Before the Golden Sun sets, 2006's calendar is destroyed, and mobile network get jammed, i wish in 2007 every moment is enjoyed! Happy New Year!

3) I wish you a Fantastic January, Lovable February, Marvelous March, Foolish April, Enjoyable May, Successful June, Wonderful July, Independent August, Tastyyest October, Beautiful November, Happiest December. Have a Victorious Year... Wish u Happy New Year 2007.

4) Happy NEW YEAR! I know its bit early 2 wish but i've got to wish LAKHS of handsome n hunky boyfrnds. So I thought to finishoff with uncles & aunties 1st!

5) Do you know the speciality of this new year... It starts with Monday & ends also on Monday. No public holidays on Sundays. This Year has got Highest Number of Sundays & Saturdays. So enjoy the least working yar in your life! 2007, A year with a difference. Wish You Happy New Year 2007.

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