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Friday, December 29, 2006

Sick Gift from BSNL DataONE

I am very Sad to write this blog. BSNL did an upgrade of all Tariffs (Except Unlimited Plan) from 256kbps to 2mpbs.

There is no change in the Unlimited Tariff. I would have been happy if BSNL would have increased the Unlimited Plan from 256kbps to 512kbps or 1mpbs. But they have made a very bad decision in their New Tarrif.

The New Tariff is available on BSNL Website here.

I want to warn the User's who are driving in High Speed with Limited Downloads! Please keep checking your usage regularly. With the 2mbps link, you may end up downloading more data in less time :) And Happy Surfing. This is a real gift for year 2007 for the customers who have limited usage.

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NAT said...

Hi Kamalesh,
I am a reluctant user of Dataone too. Some times they appear to be the best of a bad lot. Especially after I have heard of the horror stories of other ISPs like Tata,Airtel, Sify and local cable TV providers.
Someone told me that even unlimited is not really unlimited? is this possible?
They did not give me any new contract form to sign to change the plan, so I have not read any small print about this. is it true? if so it would be the biggest extortion by an ex government of India UNDERTAKING. I always call GOI the best undertakers for any successful business enterprise!