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Sunday, January 07, 2007

Bangalore FM Radio

A quick list of Bangalore's FM Radio Channels along with its Frequency (in MHz).

91.1 - Radio City
91.9 - Radio Indigo
92.7 - Big FM
93.5 - S FM
94.3 - Radio One
98.3 - Radio Mirchi
101.3 - FM Rainbow
102.9 - Vivdh Bharati
104 - Fever FM - Powered by Virgin
107.3 - Gyaan Vaani

Thanks to VJ for his inputs.


Anonymous said...

Hi Kamlesh,
I saw your list of FM radio, just wanted to update your list with
104 - Test Mode is going to be FEVER FM

uday said...

i just want to updade ur list with 100.1 FM i dont know the name all clasical music and another is 105.4 (not excat frequency some where near to it)

Anonymous said...

There r totaly 12 FM channels in bangalore in which 104 fever is the best...

montecarlo said...

You have missed Amrutha Varshini on 100.1 MHz. Gyaan Vani has moved to 105.6

Anonymous said...

Hi Guys,

Has anyone heard about Radio Mithra or Mithra FM?

I read this in some newspaper, so was wondering if there's a FM station by that name launching in Bangalore anytime soon?

Anonymous said...

Hi guys ,
u r really lucky!
in Mysore i can hardly listen to these stations

but none of the private stations are beaming Classical music..... its really very sad


Anonymous said...

If anyone knows how to listen to these stations from web, please update it.


Anonymous said...

Fever 104 was very good tilllast month. but now he has added Kannada songs instead of English. There are already so many stations airing Kannada songs. People have lots of options to listen to good Kannada songs. If 104 returns back to normal it would be gr8.