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Monday, January 15, 2007

Heights of SMS - True Story

All the characters in this story are reel ;-) I heard this from an authentic source....

There's a programmer who is a GURU (not Mani Ratnam's) in Mobile SMSes. His fingers used to type SMS in seconds. Finally, one day, one of his Program (means Code) failed and it created a havoc in the office. Lots of people started debugging the code. One full day was spent to fix the problem. Lots of eyes reviewed the code, but nobody was able to fix the problem.

The other day, a new dashing programmer joined the office. He hated Mobiles and never had a Mobile Phone yet in his life (OOPS! Is that Mr.Babu!!! Noooo please). This guy started looking at the problematic code and he was the MAN to identify the cause of problem.

The cause was a very simple one which nobody was able to recognize. He found the following line of code:
gblnDoValidation = "s"

Which, was supposed to be:
gblnDoValidation = "Yes"

Thanks to the Mobile World, which made people use the SMS Language everywhere :-)

Lesson Learnt : Don't use Mobile Lingo at your work place. Write the code as per the Coding Standards & Guidelines.

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Adiya said...

nice one kammu bhai. very futurtics valid statements.