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Saturday, January 13, 2007

LIC of India - Performance Highlights (01-Apr-2005 to 31-Mar-2006)

Individual Business
Number of Policies - 315.73 Lakhs
First Premium Income - Rs.18,085.49 Crore
Sum Assured - Rs.287,530.24 Crore

Pension & Group Business
Number of New Schemes - 11,845
Number of Lives - 51.27 Lakhs
Premium Income - Rs.3,919.00 Crore

Social Security Schemes
Number of New Schemes - 6315
Number of Lives - 63.41 Lakhs
Premium Income - Rs.22.78 Crore

Business In Force as on 31-Mar-2006
Individual Assurances
Policies - 18.64 Crore
Sum Assured - Rs.16,00,683 Crore
Group Insurance
Lives - 3.15 Crore
Sum Assured - Rs.2,01,616 Crore

LIC's Strenght as on 31-Mar-2006
Total Income (F.Y - 2005-06) - Rs.1,32,146 Crore
Total Assets - Rs.5,52,447 Crore
Life Fund - Rs.4,63,147 Crore
Total Investments (Book Value) - Rs.5,24,017 Crore

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